The Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble was formed in 1993 and consists of 16–20 singers. The members of the Ensemble work as soloists, church musicians and music teachers and come from northern Sweden and Finland. The Ensemble has commissioned and premiered about 60 works by composers such as Gunnar Eriksson, Paula af Malmborg Ward, Tebogo Monnakgotla, Jan Sandström, Sven-David Sandström, Carl Unander Scharin and Arvo Pärt.

The Swedish Broadcasting Corporation has, in close collaboration with the Ensemble, sent several live performances, both in Sweden and throughout Europe.

In 1996, the Ensemble’s first CD Musica Sacra was released on the Opus3 label. The Ensemble’s first collaboration with Studio Acusticum Records in 2010 resulted in the triple album Pater Caelestis – Terra Mater – Vox Humana. Since then, the Ensemble has had a good 15 CDs and phonograms issued by the record companies Opus3, Studio Acusticum Records and Naxos. Vita Nuova, featuring Swedish choral music, was rated ”world class” by the music magazine OPUS. In 2018, the album Amor Vita Mors was released on streaming services, accompanied by a 60-page physical book with programme notes. Recent releases include the innovative cooperation with violist Kim Hellgren and composers Johannes Pollak and Staffan Storm (Voices of the Viola, 2019); Bach’s Mass in B Minor (released on vinyl in 2020); the world première recording of Swedish romantic composer Andreas Hallén’s Missa Solemnis from 1921 (2021); SÁPMI (2022) in collaboration with Sami artist such as Frode Fjellheim and Katarina Barruk; and The Cloud of Unknowing.

The Ensemble has undertaken over 30 international tours to Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania. A particularly notable engagement was the project Choral Singing for Peace and Justice with a tour to Tonga and Samoa at the turn of the millennium, seen by more than 500 million TV viewers worldwide.