Amor Vita Mors

Amor vita mors – a collection of choral music from several epochs, grouped under three headings: love, life and death. Three broad concepts which by large can be said to cover almost everything, but at the same time are quintessential.

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I didn’t quite know where my withers were until I heard this. They’ve now been comprehensively wrung. Westberg takes his singers through a gamut of styles and emotions that runs all the way from A to ZZ. It seems scarcely possible that two hours of music should pass so quickly, but there is the accompanying distraction of a handsome book, part- meditation on the old trivet of love-life-death, part-celebration of the now-venerable choir. It’s an astonishingly confident and expressive programme, with works by Peter Cornelius, Staffan Storm, Josefine Lindestrand, Bent Sørensen, and a single unexpected sampling of Max Reger. Simply great singing with that lovely, intimate air of being overheard rather than aggressively projected towards an audience.
Choir & Organ