Musica Sacra

The human voice, ever present with endless possibilities of expression. There is a comfort and safety in choir singing as a means of expression. The pieces on this CD will make you harmonious and bring you inner peace. Close your eyes and relax - this is Musica Sacra. Sanctus, Stilla sköna aftontimma (Quiet beautiful evening hour) and Kristallen den fina (Clear crystal of beauty) are works that create an inner peace and a sense of well-being. Organist Mattias Wager and soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson provide a new color palette and rhythmic vitality.

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This flawless disc opens with a hymn by Bach, followed by a solo by organist Mattias Wager, whom I loved. Jan Sandström’s "Sanctus" also pleased me. I promise you a shock on cut 3, Gunnar Eriksson’s arrangement of Lars Jansson’s superb "To the Mothers of Brazil". It is performed by the choir, the remarkable saxophonist Anders Paulsson, and percussionist Tomas Isaksson. I was won over, delighted! How can a percussion group with an African rhythm, an East Indian-accented soprano sax, and a very Occidental choir meld into such a harmonious and admirable performance. It must be heard! I love choral music, and because I do, I am demanding of singers, the conductor and even the recording environment and the sound recording. This disc is tops from every point of view.
UHF Magazine