Pater cælestis – Terra mater – Vox humana

Heavenly Father – Mother Earth – and our Human Voice. This is music for the heavens, for our planet and nature – performed by mortals, although conducted by Erik Westberg. Led by his finely tuned hands the Vocal Ensemble and Studio Acusticum Records creates a unique anthology of music in this triple CD box in October 2010. Then, for the first time ever, recordings with commissioned works were presented by Jan Carlstedt – Gränsmark, Markus Fjellström – Doloroso, Jan Sandström – Vid en ö, and Sven-David Sandström – To See a World. A number of internationally active composers such as Arvo Pärt, Morten Lauridsen and Veljo Tormis are also included in this choral anthology. The recordings were mainly made in Studio Acusticum, a venue with world-class acoustics. The release has received glowing reviews in the Swedish and international music press and tops the Spotify streaming of the Ensemble.

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[…] The Swedish town´s musical diet was vastly improved after 1993 by the emergence of Erik Westberg´s ambitious 16-voice ensemble, which has consisted tackled new repertoire of the widest range. The presence on the collection of CDs of two different settings of William Blake’s "The Tyger" by Emil Råberg and Tommy Andersson, perhaps points to the choir’s easy grasp of homespun spiritually, romanticism tinged with craft and practically. The singing is never vaporously ethereal but seems remarkably rooted in the tough but lovely landscape of the Gulf of Bothnias’s northern littoral. Generally speaking, the voices sound best without accompaniment but Westberg has made an effort, after the heft programme on the three-CD debut, to vary the sound on these loosely themed collections. Only Originals tips anywhere close the New Age eclecticism, but even here, and in a programme that ranges from Buxtehude to Ronaldo Miranda (and a very effective setting by Westberg himself) there is much to admire, even if the sequencing of material seems odd-to-perverse. This is a marvellous choir, charismatically led and flawlessly recorded right across these discs.
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