SÁPMI: Rájáheapme – Gränslöst – Boundless

The source of inspiration for this CD are close collaborative projects between the the Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble and Sami artists Frode Fjellheim, Katarina Barruk and Johan Märak. 

Frode Fjellheim is best known as the composer of the theme from Disney’s Frozen and through his band Transjoik. This disc includes his cinematic A Sister from the North and the sweetly beautiful Mov aalhtere vaerine tjuavka (My Altar is the Mountain that Shines). He composed Bidám vuolle for the 400th anniversary of the town of Piteå.

Jan Sandström has carefully created several choral works around traditional joiks. The disc begins with the rhythmically charged Jiegŋáffo, based on a joik by Johan Märak. Suv Dehte (Due to Her) is a three-part work where Katarina Barruk touches the listener with her unique vocal expression.

In Min Eallin the Swedish composer Kristin Boussard has set texts by several Sami poets, including children as young as eight years old. The last part of the piece is about those who choose to leave behind a traditional Sami life style and the fear experienced by those remaining; will those leaving forget their heritage?

Mia Makaroff writes of her work Spes (Hope): ”The text from Ecclesiastes explains how humility and wisdom change a person: her face softens and she is no longer dogmatic or violent. This humility and understanding is the key to hope for humanity.

The comprehensive booklet includes, aside from work commentaries and biographies, also song texts in both English, Swedish and Northern Sami.

Release date May 27, 2022.


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